Jewelry for Charity

By on March 25, 2012 in Events

Henry’s friends will be selling jewelry to all of the students of the school with the aim of raising money for an organization called Sisters in service. Sisters in service is a group of young women who are working to make a positive change in the lives of Ugandan women. The purpose is to support, strengthen and “equip” women between the ages of 13–25. The group arranges different activities with the target of strengthening and encouraging them to do more for themselves and develop into safe and independent young women. Henry’s friends have been co-operating with this group for several years through the selling of jewelry made by the Sisters in service. The reason as to why Henry’s friends are making this project about Uganda and the Sisters in service is that Henry’s friends consider the women’s group to fulfill an important function and want to help them in the best possible way. Through selling the jewelry (which by the way are really pretty) Henry’s friends helps the Sisters in service economically so that they can keep their organization going. Henry’s friends would also like to encourage and create an understanding between different cultures and situations in life through this project. The project kicks off on Friday 30th of March and will keep on going all the way until the Easter break starts. To promote this, Henry’s friends will be airing a fashion show on the computer screens around the school. So be sure to keep an eye out for this fashion show from the 30th of March and onwards. Here follows the prices for the jewelry: Necklaces: 100 kr Bracelets: 50/75 kr Earrings: 30 kr]]>