The annual meeting

By on March 23, 2012 in Elevkåren, Events

Long queues of anxious students outside the auditorium and the usual chaos of such meetings.

This is the first impression of the Student Unions annual meeting. The time is 1:32pm; board members of the student union run around in the auditorium, we patiently wait for the meeting to start. The meeting finally starts with a 6-minute video explaining the changes in the long-awaited läroverksfejden 2012 ( Technical difficulties were present as usual but the movie finally worked. The video was great, despite the wait.

Current President Ida Wallin officially starts the meeting. Everyone agreed on the chair of the meeting, the secretary and two “vote-counters”. The chair presented the order of the meeting. We were happily informed that the actual voting of the new board and posts is the absolute last thing we do. The process is long and complicated; the chairman therefore takes his time to explain ones rights and obligations in the course of this meeting.

The first interesting thing to happen the meeting was an objection on the order of the meeting. Viktor Carlson suggested that the voting of new board members should come before voting for motions, as voting for motions takes a lot of time and many of the voters leave before the voting for the board starts. The winning counter-argument was that a motion could change in the posts one votes for, therefore it is more logical that one votes on motions first then on candidates.

Joel Haldosén, one of three auditors of the Student Union, presented major criticism on the boards work with reasoning and justifications. The main criticism was the board’s invisibility. The board must market its events clearly. Students should always be informed of upcoming events.

The board then went on with presenting their prepositions. Amongst some prepositions, one of the board’s duties- holding a meeting with all the teachers at school- was taken away as the new school system does not have any one meeting with all its teachers.

 As expected, the technicality behind the ancient art of voting seemed to have been misunderstood by the current board. Changes were made in the voting system, as we got closer to actually voting. The very common excuse of “technology at the school is insufficient” was of course used throughout the chaos. Lagging video in the beginning, a microphone not working properly, a computer shutting down on its own, copy-machine “not copying double-sided”; what else?

Unfortunately, people started leaving as the voting procedure pulled out a little more than wanted.

The new board consists of:
Ordförande: Ida Wallin
Vice ordförande: Leo Podov
Kassör: Oscar Theblin
PR/sekreterare: Kajsa Fernström Nåtby 
Samverkan och föreningssansvarig: Klas Wetterberg 
Sociala utskottets ordförande: Vindar Fritzell
Påverkans utskottets ordförande: Amalia Holm Bjelke
Finansiella utskottets ordförande: Love Lyssarides.