Steve Jobs; a Story with a Successful ending

By on April 12, 2012 in Reportages

Photo: Flickr (Creative Commons)

Steven Paul Jobs, may he forever rest in peace, is until now the person most associated with Apple- half a year after his death. Why does everyone know Steve Jobs, but barely anyone knows Steve Wozniak- Apples other half? Steve Wozniak was the first person on earth to get what you type on a keyboard to appear on a screen- isn’t that worth international recognition? How come many still wonder who the current CEO of Apple is? Why isn’t Timothy D. Cook as famous as Jobs- they are after all running the same company? Well, let’s try to analyze how Steve Jobs “made it”!

Steve was a man with a vivid imagination- he had a clear vision. This vision helped spark innovation. I am sure Steve both accidently and intentionally managed to broaden his creativity through different means and exercises. He practiced Zen Buddhism which he thought suited him most, he chose to walk around barefoot as it suited his image most, he chose to be a vegetarian (and occasionally a “frutarian”) as he thought it suited him most. He did what he felt suited him in order to broaden his creativity. This creative vision of a world where personal computers where for everyone; where Apple products could be used for educational means, in business, for entertainment; this creative vision is what he stuck to from the beginning all the way to the end. He strived at first to spread personal computers to most homes. He strived to keep the quality of his product up yet have it inexpensive enough to be rather affordable by most people. Did you know that Jobs rejected two prototypes of the first generation iPhone before finally settling for the last (which was released on the 29th of June 2007). A clear vision helped him- at the time- settle for nothing but the best prototype!

“The hipster guy is trying to get a job here” is what was said about Steve once. Steve was always stubborn and would not give up easily. With his clear visions, he made sure he got what he wanted. Sometimes it meant he’d gave his back on his parents, sometimes it meant he challenged people, and often it meant bossing people around. All of that helped create the Steve Jobs we know- the man that never gives up. A great example of that is that he completely revolutionized almost any market he entered. In the personal computers industry, Apple practically started production for the mass with their Macintosh computer systems- putting big companies like IBM and others in a useless position. As Apple entered the music industry, they revolutionized the way we listen to music through their software iTunes and their iPods- it was a worldwide phenomena- everyone had one. Apple then entered back into the personal computers market, but altered it differently this time- producing the most sold and admired tablet of all times, the iPad. That is also not to mention the Apple TV and all their other accessories. Apple even managed to make their earphones a famous symbol for music! Perhaps thanks to Steve Jobs stubbornness in mastering any market they enter. Steve was so stubborn, he survived his illness much longer than the doctors had forecasted.

Steve Wozniak would need a better deal on some reserve-parts for computers, but no one would offer him any good deals. His pal Steve Jobs would handle the negotiating. Steve Jobs has always been daring thanks to his vision and stubbornness. He was a great negotiator and helped Apple get many good deals in its early stages but also in its later stages. Him being so daring and confident, he was a great speech giver. He knew how to convince those watching that his product really was the best for them. With a humble look, one would feel as if he was preaching about rainbows and unicorns as he spoke at the World Wide Developers Conference almost annually- he was in fact just presenting another one of his great products. He dared to present his ideas with such great confidence and simplicity, because they were so great. You might also realize, it’s usually the “bad” products that are justified by long, boring and complicated presentations. Steve always kept it interesting; he included fun facts, interesting slides, short clips, guest speakers, demo’s, previews and much more! Once Steve took on the stage, nothing stood in his way.

Considering the fact that he had a clear vision, was stubborn and daring, one can conclude that Steve Jobs truly was unique! He wanted to succeed and therefore he did. He strived and worked hard to reach the position he finally reached. Steve made Apple on top. He is truly an inspirational person the world will never forget. Steve has carved his name deep in our hearts.