Summer ‘12

By on June 14, 2012 in Columns

Despite the undesired showers, hail, rain, lightning and thunder, summer has finally arrived!

Summer slowly approached us this morning at 10 am when we- the second and third graders- all gathered at Kungsholmskyrkan to celebrate the end of yet another year with Kungsholmen. Entering the doors, I heard our choir light up every corner of the church with psalms and songs about joy and summer.

A sense of Kungsholmen-pride came to me as I witnessed our top students receive scholarships and rewards for their outstanding academic/social efforts in further developing the school. We are all very proud of our fellow students who showed magnificent work in their areas of interest, whether it be music, dance, debate, physics or other. We saw delighted students with top grades receive joyous applause from the audience. All in all, I was proud.

Kungsholmen will remain the best upper secondary school in Stockholm. For the first graders and second graders, KG will wait for you. For the third graders, KG will miss you deeply. Thank you for reviving associations, organizing events, helping around and being genuinely great students!

For now, rest assured that you will not have to stay up at nights working on essays or lab reports. For now, enjoy the summer you deserve!

Have an awesome summer KG- we’ll be back!