And Life Goes On As a Natural Science Student – Study, party, sleep. Choose two.

By on September 9, 2012 in Life at KG

Summer 2012 went by in a heartbeat and suddenly I found myself standing in the entrance hall of Kungsholmens Gymnasium, again. Surrounded by people and noise, I started feeling mildly uncomfortable. After a long leisurely summer without anyone invading my personal space, the sensation felt foreign and just plain weird.

Soon after, however, this feeling started to seem natural to me, like this was how it had always been.  Now two weeks have passed and I feel as if I’d never left. It’s strange how humans often adapt to their surroundings without noticing it. In school for example, one quickly gets accustomed to bustling people, ridiculously early mornings and stressful assignments. And after eating slightly gooey food for lunch every day for 10 years, I have grown accustomed to the point that I don’t notice it at all. This strange trait in human behaviour was probably evolved in order to enable us to survive horribly repetitive things like work, school and family life.

As natural science students, we are expected to enjoy math (ugh…), get good grades, get into a good science college and then pursue a career in computer programming or theoretical physics. As I see it, the only way to get through this is by getting accustomed to nonsensical scientific theories and lots and lots of stress. So basically, if this trait didn’t exist, we would all become English teachers. Not that that’s a bad thing…