Get Insparkling

By on September 15, 2012 in Elevkåren, Events

Photo: Elevkåren

Another year, another generation of twinkly eyed first years, and another “Insparksfest”. Posters, a Facebook event and a strangely intriguing promo video made the whole school painfully aware of what was to come. This years party had a theme, the most fabulous theme of all. Not disco fever (Södra Latin) or military (Östra Real), but glitter.

Two weeks before the big day a flock of excited teenagers could be seen pushing and shoving their way to the ticket stands. This hullabaloo repeated itself during lunch for days on end till the very last ticket was sold. As the day approached, glints of sparkle could be spotted around the school. Glittery nail polish, glittery jewelry, and of course, Amalia in the student union’s promise to wear something glittery every day until the party.

When the day finally arrived, half the school (about 600 people, 200 more than last year) made their way to Södra Mälarstrand to stand in the longest line known to man. Once inside, wafts of cigarette smoke, perfume and sweat permeated the air. The dance floor was a crazy swarm of sparkling youths flinging themselves around to loud, club like music, and in the adjacent room the over 18s gathered at the bar.

Despite temporary tinnitus and an unfortunate run in with the police due to unkungsholmenly behavior, it was a bedazzling night that will be spoken of on starry nights to come.