Skit Night, not so ‘skit’ after all!

By and on September 26, 2012 in Events

THE DRAMA CLUB Shining spotlights. Seductive housewife. Skåne. Last night, the Drama Club kicked off the year at Kungsholmen with style. Eagerly anticipated thanks to the posters and an intriguing trailer, the audience of curious parents and students were treated to a colourful collection of rib-tickling skits, courtesy of the expanding homegrown association.

The doors opened and the crowd elbowed their way towards the front rows to get the best seats. Finally, a beam of light lit up the stage and ES3A’s Blanca, the proud president of the Drama Club, came on stage. She held a short speech about the Club and heightened our expectations by introducing the Skit Night. Then, without further ado, the show started.

One after the other, the skits were performed, each garnering more applause and laughter than the last. An entourage of characters from famous movies such as Voldemort from Harry Potter, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, Leonardo DiCaprio from Inception, and Neo from The Matrix entered, much the crowd’s bemusement (but subsequent amusement). The skits were in both Swedish and English, reaching out to all parts of the school. Highlights included a duel of wands between pushy parents Blanca and Hedda (ES3A), Nancy (ES2A) as a housewife seducing the gardener (landscaper!) who, after a peculiar turn of events, turns out to be dating her husband’s mistress, and some spectacular satire on our perception of the Skåne accent.

With the audience yearning for more, the evening drew to a close. We couldn’t help but feel that the Club deserves far more attention from the school and perhaps more student-friendly performance times. With a twinkle in their eyes, the actors and actresses took a bow, leaving us hopelessly devoted to Blanca & Co.

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