Fire, Fire!

By on October 10, 2012 in Reportages

At approximately 14:40 today, shrill fire alarms blared all around the school, and KG descended into chaos. Students poured out of the front entrance doors into the courtyard, others taking refuge by the football field. Five, then ten minutes passed as we all huddled together in the crisply cold air, breathing out plumes of fog and trying to keep warm like penguins in a blizzard. Everyone was wondering the same thing: what was going on?

Speculations flew about the school, but soon the truth was confirmed. The supposed “fire” that had set off the fire alarm was in fact a celebration, for which a few students had gone down to ICA to buy “kärleksmums” and a carton of Cookie Dough-flavored Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. A wonderful idea in itself, but when candles are added… let’s just say it’s not a recipe for success! The smoke alarm was of course activated when the candles were lit, and the wailing of alarm bells ringing followed soon afterwards. After ten minutes in the open air, all students and teachers trooped back into the warmth of the school, unharmed albeit shivering. The acrid burning smell could be tracked to the row of lockers in front of the nurse’s office, whereupon perched a melting carton of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and a box of “kärleksmums”, both topped with some burnt candles.

Well, unintentional pyromaniacs, your party may have fizzled out (pun completely unintended), but you did get your fifteen minutes of KG fame! Next time, however, it might be a better idea to celebrate outside… because even though we are lucky enough to have a fire station right across from our school, let’s not give the firefighters an incentive to come over just yet!