The school clothes collection

By on October 23, 2012 in Elevkåren, Events

Photo: Elevkåren

This year’s collection is all about swag. As Kungsholmen students we’ve all got it. Even the hipsters that don’t want it have got some. And what better way to be swagged out than with your very own Kungsholmen clothes?

The Sweatshirt—It’s time to pull out the sweaters and sweatshirts. So why not add a classic Kungsholmen Sweatshirt to the collection? It’s getting dark and the motivation to go to school, and not just pull a polar bear and hibernate, might just come from your clothes. The sweatshirt is unisex, so it’s also good for lending to your special someone and getting a reputation as their knight in a Kungsholmen sweatshirt. We’re not trying to put a price on love, but the sweatshirt still costs 349 kr.

The Shirt—The Shirt is effortless, for those days when all you want to is just go home and, for those days when school just seems great. This shirt isn’t unisex (insert unanimous sigh of relief) which means no awkward collars and awkward fitting. Great for home, school, the gym, name your place. And only for 199 kr. Why not buy one?

The Cotton Bag—It’s limited edition. It’s a bag. In a sentence, it’s cool. It’s good for those days when you have almost nothing to carry to school. Those might not be too often. It’s great to keep your clothes in when you’re at the gym. It might not be too obvious, but it’s great for putting things in. Like eggs. It’s at a brilliant price, only 80 kr. Did I mention it’s limited edition?

And to those who really love Kungsholmen, we have kungsdolmar, that is, condoms. Who wouldn’t want their very own pair of Kungsholmen condoms? At an affordable price of 3 for 10 kr, it’s a must buy!

It’s all available just outside the cafeteria on these days. Wednesday 24/10 from 11.30-13.00, Thursday 24/10 from 11.20-13.20 Friday 26/10 from 11.00-13.10

What are you waiting for?