KGIF presents: Kungsholmen’s Floorball Tournament ’12

By on November 3, 2012 in Associations

And so it is, yet again, time for Kungsholmens Gymnasium’s annual floorball tournament! You think you and your classmates has what it takes to win? Then what are you waiting for? Sign up today and join the ranks in the run for the title.

The teams are supposed to play 4 on 4, so 4 people is the minimum number that every team needs to bring. The last day for any contestants to join is this thursday, the 8th of November, and the schedule for the games are planned to be sent out to the teams during the following saturday.

Here are the official rules for tournament:
1) The matches are 2 x 8 minutes
2) The most games will be played during afternoons (4 pm – 6 pm) Observe! Monday and tuesday afternoons during week 46 and 47
3) Group stage is followed by quarterfinals, semifinals and the final
4) This is a clash between classes, ONLY members of the same class may form a side.
5) 4 on 4 matches, no goalie and the small goals will be used.
6) Everyone who wants to play, shall be given the opportunity to do so.
7) The referee is in charge and makes the ultimate decision.

Feel like joining in? Questions? Send an email to: (The person emailing will be the official for that team/class).

Good luck!