Living like a Pug

By on November 8, 2012 in Columns

Fear? Reality is scary enough, I don’t need horror movies Every day around 12:30, hands travel along my forehead It’s that guy again God I hate that guy What a weird dude Back off me, ok?

Just because I don’t respond doesn’t mean I enjoy it!

My initial charm has already dissipated into a curse

Back in the day, females used to holler my name as I exhaled behind them Now I can’t even see my face in the mirror anymore, I don’t even have a mirror I guess I’ve still got my mojo though, I mean, that guy probably still thinks I’m as sexy as I’ve always been,

Maybe I don’t hate you weird dude Maybe you’re just misunderstood Clothed monkeys always walk past me, but this sick guy actually noticed me I like that I like you weird dude! When you touch me, I feel a little bit less like a hobo on the street, and more like the alfa male I was supposed to be Invisible tears fall from my eyes as I try to imagine my current reflection What happened to me? What have I become?

And more importantly, who slipped roofies into my water bowl?