Thoughts Inspiring Action

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This Thursday, Kungsholmen’s very own Marcos Demetry and Klas Wetterberg presented their project work, live in the auditorium. TIA, Thoughts Inspiring Action, is a project similar to TED Talks, but inside our school.

Three very interesting speakers, two from outside the school and one being Marcos himself, each held a speech about a topic of interest to them. The first speaker, Ing-Marie Hedberg,  spoke about The Universal Peace Foundation and how individual people can make a difference in the world. Then Magda Ayoub told her own story of coming to Sweden as a young woman, struggling to learn Swedish and finally getting involved in Swedish politics and ending up in Parliament. Marcos’ speech was about how he came up with the idea for TIA by daily passing by homeless people near school and wondering what the best way to help them would be. The whole event was very interesting and hopefully TIA will continue with similar events in the future.

Here is a video interview with Marcos Demetry about his project:

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