Frustrated with school? Kill your classmates!

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We are sure many of you have had plenty of school work to do, and to celebrate the beginning of spring break, Zambia Group and Esports Society are organizing a LAN-Party at Kungsholmen on the 28th of March. Ready to have some fun?

To start Easter break off with a bang, Zambia Group and Esports Society are collaborating by creating a LAN-Party. There will be competitions, fika, and plenty of gaming. Since Thursday the 28th is a half day, we have the whole afternoon and evening to game. All of the earnings will go to helping three schools in Zambia. Keep an eye on the Facebook event for more information and spread it to your gamer friends!

Cost: 70kr on site/50kr pre-bought + fika and snacks
Bring: Laptop/desktop, ethernet cable (if not on wifi)
When: Drop-in during afternoon, 14:00-01:00 (not overnight)
Where: Lunch room

We would very much appreciate it if you help us organize the event with PR, equipment (power strips, ethernet cables, etc), bake, or organize competitions! Contact any of the hosts of the event at or scan it:



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