KG Talent Show

By on March 17, 2013 in Archive, Reportages

After lots of hype and intriguing propaganda, the KG Talent Show finally reared its head during lunch last thursday. With Oliver (EN1A) as the charming conferencier, and a number of interesting acts on display, it really showcased our schools most talented students.

It was certainly an entertaining way to spend a lunch hour, although eating became a bit of an issue, and the audience came and went as they tried to sneak a bite of food between acts. Another downside was the fact that the audience was very small, creating an unprofessional and uninspiring atmosphere.

The acts however didn’t disappoint. Even if there were only three, each of them really showcased the talent that apparently has been hidden in our school. The jury, consisting of Amalia and Love (ES2A), and Oscar (S3C), criticised the acts in a humorous and pleasant way, each with their own specific “role”, similar to in TV shows like Idol or X-Factor. Amalia gave mildly inappropriate comments that could be interpreted as innuendo, for example “Kan du gör något annat med dom där fingrarna?”. Oscar was more mild and gave very positive and encouraging feedback, whilst Love was the “bad seed” of the jury and gave slightly critical and sceptical remarks.

The first act, Samuel (ES2A), played a classical piece on the piano. The audience as well as the judges seemed to approve, and he received only positive feedback. After him came Anders (N1C), who solved four different rubik’s cubes in lightning speed, directly after each other! Another successful act and the audience reaction was there to prove it. Finally, the last act was a magician duo called “Young and Strange”, Isak and Wilhelm, who used cards and other props to put on an extremely impressive show that certainly left everyone’s mouths ajar. This final act was also the winner, through online voting, of the entire talent show.