The Democratic People’s Republic of Kungsholmen

By on March 23, 2013 in Elevkåren

Campaign posters

The Annual Meeting is looming, and election season is in full swing. The school’s walls are covered in campaign posters, Facebook is abuzz with excitement and students are eagerly waiting to cast their votes. But beneath the façade of our rosy democratic system lies a very different truth; one of single-candidate elections, corruption and elevated eyebrows.

As voters head to the ballot box on Thursday, they will be faced with a number of tough decisions. Only this year, I have a feeling that one of these choices might be a lot easier to make, namely that of President. After all, there is only one choice. The President will be Kungsholmen’s face to the world, and will have huge responsibility. So it’s vital that students can elect the candidate that best represents their views, in a multi-candidate election. It’s worrying, but mildly amusing, that only one of 1346 bright Kungsholmers has dared to step up to the challenge of presidency. Oh well.

The vigorous eyebrow-raising doesn’t end there. A few weeks ago, we received a message from a candidate informing us that they wanted to “improve democracy at the school”. Strangely appropriate, especially since they then went on to ask KZINE to endorse them in return for “privileges” should they be elected. Like pondering over whether or not to accept sweets from a stranger, we contemplated it, before excitedly accepting graciously declining. Shouldn’t Board members afford all associations and students the same privileges, regardless of who they supported? Anyhow, at least we’ve all got a story to tell our grandchildren.

Here we go then. The rough ride to election day is coming to an end. Power will soon change hands, and we can only hope that it ends up in the right hands. Judging by the enthusiasm and engagement of the current Board, I’m sure it will. Nobody doubts that behind this grimy creaking door of an Annual Meeting, there’s a magical world of fun-loving Student Union governance.