My New Life As A Hitman

By on April 21, 2013 in Life at KG


The corridor is crowded with people. Some are sitting at the tables, studying or working on their latest school projects, some are waiting for class to begin and some are just hanging around. Suddenly a shout is heard and catches everybody’s attention. Someone starts to run, tries to make it to the corridor door, but it is already too late. The victim is caught and brutally murdered. The Killer Game has begun.

A little bit too early, I arrive at school. To improve my chances of not being recognised, I am wearing sunglasses and have the hood of my jacket over my head. I am tense and nervous, can’t relax. Every time somebody’s eyes fall on me, I am sure my time is up. Somehow, suprisingly, I manage to stay alive all the way from Hantverkargatan to the school doors and I head for the upper floor. After all, I have a target of my own.

I thought I would be nervous, but I could not imagine how it would feel. Everything disappeared, every single thought, every other person in the hall. Not even the fact that I was having a math test that very day bothered me. All my senses were focused on one thing. There was only me and my, soon to be executed, victim. So I made a run for it. Made my way through the crowd, reached for him. And it was over.

You can say what you like about it, but if you are a player in The Killer Game, you cannot ignore the fact that your life at KG is in danger. You are the hunter, but at the same time the victim. Our school has become a battlefield and there will be blood. Metaphorically speaking.