Rhetorics Results Scandal: KG Disqualified

By on April 19, 2013 in Läroverksfejden


The latest part of Läroverksfejden, the Rhetorics part, took place in the Kungsholmen aula on Wednesday. After the results were delayed by an extra 24 hours, the school was buzzing with excitement and high hopes. As the clock neared 12, our expectations to win grew stronger. 

But then, as the clock struck 12.16, the results were released. And they were devastating. A long, intriquite explanation from the LvF jury and board was published, including an email correspondance between the two. Initially it was understood that Kungsholmen came first in both parts – the individual performance, closely followed by Södra, and the debate, closely followed by Norra. 

However, these were the decisions made by the jury – not the board. The board had different thoughts, claiming that Kungsholmen’s individual performance broke the rules. According to them, the term “individual performance” insinuates that the audience cannot participate at all. The audience participated a bit in Leo Podovs individual performance when he used rhetorical devices suggesting that the audience should shout out words like “Yes!” and “No!” However, some claim that this was not intended as a way of getting around the rules, as the participant was not aware that this was forbidden. Because of this, the board overruled the jury’s decisions and decided that Södra won the Rhetorics round. 

The school is currently full of disappointed faces and confused banter. All we can do now is wait, hope, and work hard in the next two rounds.