Modernize the School Rules

By on December 12, 2013 in Columns


No one can have missed that technology has become a central part of modern education. Through the use of Internet, computers, and smartphones, education is today more effective and accessible than ever. It is crucial that technology is used in a smart way that promotes new learning and innovation.

All the students at Kungsholmen are given the School Rules each year. The School Rules are meant to guide us in how to behave and act; in order to create a good learning environment. The last time these rules were revised was in February 2007. Today, there is one rule that must be reformed. One of Kungsholmen’s school rules says: “We turn our cell phones off during lessons and meetings.”

It is true that students should stay focused during class time. But simply stating that phones should be turned off is counterproductive. Students still use their phones, but are trying to hide it and use the phones in a way that is not related to the class. Instead, the school and the teachers should attempt to use the phones in their teaching.

I studied one year at an American boarding school last year. My English professor, Mr. Michael Cervas, was an expert in including modern technology in a smart way into his teaching. All of us students always put our phones on the desks during classes. As we analyzed literature and poetry, and came across new words, expressions, or phenomenon, Mr. Cervas quickly exclaimed: “Google it!” And we did. We sent around pictures of mythological creatures and nature disasters. We read definitions aloud. We were learning like the technological generation we are part of.

The school rule should thus not argue for turning our phones off, but instead for using phones in a smart, productive way. A sentence like “Our cell phones are only for class-related usage during lessons,” should be more appropriate, and adapted to the modern world that we live in.