The World Only Spins Forward

By on April 27, 2014 in Associations, Columns

Article picture the world only spins forward

During my first year at KG I was absolutely overjoyed with the extreme contrast in quality when compared to the years suffered in grade school. I was hit by an overwhelming feeling of being utterly content with where my choice of school had led me. This change in scenery allowed a new character with newly found confidence to surface and prosper. However, this new and improved version of myself encountered a staggering truth as my sophomore year neared its end. The sheer pride of having entered this new school diminished greatly as the heteronormativity of this school’s education and people became apparent.

You see, this new and improved version of myself did not only have increased confidence, it also came to terms with my sexuality. With such realisations it only seemed natural to join the organisation KG pride, in order to find new people that for certain would not mind my sexuality. My expectations were to find bar friends for places to the likes of Side Tracks, but the reality of it all was much too different. KG pride was an organisation devoted to decrease heteronormative views in education and behaviour in people – views that up until then had been unbeknownst to me.

I am called a woman because I am more feminine than the other men in my class” and “On a test I was forced to answer: is it wrong to be gay?” are mere examples of heteronormative and discriminatory situations. Hearing that neither teachers nor principals handle these atrocities has made me loathe each and every step I take in our school.

A school that has made me evolve into a person I am content with was a conception of KG that I had maintained up until now. I was proud to say that I walked these halls from early morning till late afternoon. I was proud to say I went to the number one school in Stockholm. That was then, and now all sense of pride I held with our school has been completely disintegrated.

Join KG pride at the annual meeting 13th of May to help prevent heteronormative behaviour and discrimination.

The world only spins forward… Make our school do so too…