"Alla ni mot oss" – Lvf hatfilmen

By on May 8, 2014 in Läroverksfejden

Lvf Brinner

It starts with a a KG flag being set alight. Then two other KG flags, a chicken head from Östra Real and a Södra flag displaying a “third gender” symbol are also set on fire. After watching the flags burn, a masked figure dressed in white walks in waving a white flag. Three comrades stand next to the masked figure in similar attire, one clearly boasting Norras Lvf t-shirt from this year. It is published by “Norras Anarkister” and only one word is displayed in the description: “LVF”.

After a widely criticised start to Läroverksfejden, with a Kungsholmen student requiring medical assistance because of a fight during the sports part of Lvf, the amount of aggression toward other schools during the contest has become questionable. To many, Läroverksfejden is a way of displaying school spirit and once knowing the nature of the contest, many never think twice about where the limits of school spirit lie. Beyond the aggressive jingles from all schools, where does the hate end?

This is not the only video of its kind. Only a few weeks ago, a video titled “AntiKungsholmenAktion” by some students at Södra Latin appeared. Despite the humorous wordplay shown as a flag with “Pungsholmen” written on it is raised in the video posted by Södra, the question that is brought asks whether the making of these films really should be acceptable. Södras video however did not surpass the vulgarness of the radical NRAF video posted by Norra students in 2009.

Is there a limit to inter-school hate? Is it possible for Läroverksfejden to hinder 4000 members from taking it too far? As a member of Läroverksfejden, this is not what I would like to stand by when I say that Läroverksfejden makes my schooling more enjoyable.