You´re invited to Shakespeare´s birthday party!

By on June 3, 2014 in Events


This year not only marks the 450th birthday of William Shakespeare, but also the 20-year anniversary of Shakespeare Day at Kungsholmen. Though first created in 1994 in order to help fund the Globe Theatre, Shakespeare Day has lived on as a tradition for the first years in the international section. This year we are also privileged to have Ms. Ahlmén, the creator of Shakespeare Day, present to host the anniversary. She founded the event 20 years ago when the Globe Theatre was under construction but lacked funding, and out of the blue, with astounding support came KG to help the theatre by hosting a Shakespeare Fair, which subsequently raised 250 pounds for the theatre. With support of teachers and student the next year KG hosted a similar fair to raise more for the theatre, consequently making this school a Globelink school with further recognition and a time capsule in the theatre. This year, as mentioned before, is Shakespeare’s 450th birthday, and in honour of his work please continue this brilliant tradition by attending Shakespeare Day on the 4th of June.