Carnival summary

By on September 9, 2014 in Elevkåren, Events


And so it was time for it again – the carnival. Mr. Sköld said that this was the first year that he didn’t have to feel ashamed of us during the carnival – did that make it more boring?

Well, this year, the second and third year students had equally little previous experience; personally, I thought that would allow for more creativity, since there wasn’t a lot of material from previous years to copy. And, to some extent, I suppose that was true. Though there were classic themes such as students’ three-year-long journeys through KG, defeating Södra Latin in Läroverksfejden, and surviving Smiska Fisk, there were other ones as well. The ALS ice bucket challenge, for example – and the new grading system, of course. The most fun part of the carnival, though, was probably when the one and only host Daniel Paris lost the spotlight to a boy wanting to spread love – or when he kicked Fredrik Reinfeldt off the stage. Who saw that coming? No, this year’s carnival wasn’t boring. Instead, it was the perfect representation of Kungsholmen: full of energy, unity, and diversity.


And yes, the two slightly younger judges both went to social science. But let’s assume that’s irrelevant.