Scotland Stay With Us?

By on September 9, 2014 in Associations, Events


An independent Scotland after more than 300 years of union. Plausible? Definitely. Possible? Certainly. Practical or good for Scotland? Perhaps not.  Scotland is in the eyes of the world, and its people has a lot at stake.

Next Thursday there will be one single question on the ballot paper “Should Scotland be an independent country?”.  Kungsholmens Debate Society is proud to host a debate on Scotland’s independence this Wednesday, where two teams will go head to head where YOU, the audience, will decide who is the victor.

The debate will be in English and will start at 13:30 in the lunch hall on Wednesday.

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Why Independance?

The first and foremost reason for many Scots wanting independence is a clash of ideologies. As the newly formed Scottish Parliament has gained more control over Scotland, changes have been made and more and of them are leaning away from English ideologies. Some Scottish politicians have even gone so far as to say that they strive for a “Nordic” Scotland.

Conquer your fear and go for it. Our country needs us, but we also need our country.

-Brian Cox

Another argument that is commonly used is that Scotland has oil, and by becoming independent, the revenue will be given to only 5 million Scots rather than 60 million Brits. Sceptics on the other hand would say that oil revenues won’t last long, and that a reliance on fossil fuels is not something scotland should be aiming for.


Better Together?

Scots receive more of taxpayers money per head than Englishmen do. While the Scottish Parliament is allowed to decide more and more about Scottish legislation, it’s also getting more tax money per head, some may say that this is the best of both worlds.

If Scotland were to become independent, there is no guarantee on EU membership. Some experts say that Scotland will have to reapply for membership, which is a lengthy process, and countries such as Belgium with the Flanders region and Spain with Catalonia are likely to veto such a membership.

If ever there was a time to be wary of Scotland pulling out of the U.K., it is now.

-Alex Ferguson

Which currency will Scotland take? If Scotland is not a member of the EU, they wont be able to use the Euro and English officials have said that they are not willing to share the pound with Scotland. Which currency will Scotland then take? A new currency could be highly unstable, not a newly independent nation wants.


So who will win the debate? Should Scotland be independent?  On Wednesday, YOU decide. Come and make your voice heard in the lunch hall at 13:30.