By on September 22, 2014 in Associations

KPS The universe may or may not have an orderly structure, our species may be doomed in the long run, but your ability to recognise your own existence, your ability to define yourself, your consciousness, never seizes to amaze. The root of all philosophy centres itself around one question; not why we exist, but why we think, why we observe time in a linear fashion. Perhaps this is the root of all religions, all doctrines and thoughts, whether it was a conscious questioning or not. In Kungsholmens Philosophers Society you can join us and explore further, make new friends and have a lot of fun in the process. By exploring ethics, morals, the knowledge structures of society and the meaning or non meaning to our presence, each one of us is able to get a little bit closer to forming an opinion, seeing different sides of a coin and understanding ourselves a tiny bit more. In Kungsholmens Philosophers Society (KPS) we discuss issues in a very informal and relaxed way based on our own opinions and experiences, so there is no need to worry and no need to take a stance right from the start. We meet every-other week and are always open to new members. In October we should also be shuffling boards in the associations year meeting, meaning that it’s a great opportunity for the more ambitious members to jump right on board to a leadership role early on. Meet us during the association fair in Room 4318 and make sure to keep away from the thought police as our dealings are definitely considered to be thoughtcrime. Dubito ergo cogito, cogito ergo sum.]]>