Write for Rights 2016 – Zeynab Jalalian

By on November 23, 2016 in Write for rights


2008, March 10th: Zeynad Jalalian is arrested due to involvement with the Kurdish group PJAK, fighting for women’s rights. 

2010, June 28th: Jalalian’s family receives her last phone call.

2010, July 1st: Jalalian’s lawyer is refused to see her in prison.

2011, December: Jalalian’s death sentence is reduced to life imprisonment.

2014, May 31st: Due to being subjected to torture Jalalian is on the verge of becoming blind. She is still denied hospital treatment.

Zeynab Jalalian is now the oldest political prisoner in Iran. Jalalian has suffered through torture and pain so much that if she is not released soon, her eyesight will be gone.

Jalalian was a former member of the political party called PJAK, Kurdistan Free Life Party, and fought for Kurdish rights in Iran. She was later arrested by intelligence services. Her trial before the Court of First Instance took place in December 2008; after conducting a summary trial, the Court found Ms. Jalalian guilty and sentenced her to death. This was based on charges of being a member of the PJAK, a banned Kurdish group. Based on her alleged membership of that Kurdistan political party, she was accused of fighting God (Mohareb) and given the death penalty. It is a capital crime in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Ms Jalalian denied the charges pressed against her, yet her death sentence was confirmed by the Iranian Supreme Court in November 2009. Although the evidence was based on her confessions, which were forced because Jalalian was tortured into confessing her supposed crimes.

Even though she was showed mercy by the leaders of Iran, she is still being left with no treatment for her wounds, her eyesight is almost gone and she has been imprisoned for more than eight years. This is a clear violation against human rights and that is why Amnesty wants to help Zeynab Jalalian to achieve her freedom, receive hospital treatment and demands indemnity on her behalf.

How can you help her? You and your friends, classmates and acquaintances can come to the Amnesty association table on  Thursday 24/11 to give your signatures for our petition lists and help us come a step closer to free Zeynab Jalalian from her suffering. Amnesty needs YOUR help.


By : Setareh Paknia