KZINE audit

Auditing is something crutial to most organisation. It is the auditers (revisorer) job to make sure that the finances add up and that the board follows the by-laws (stadgar).

If you feel that there is anything we should know about, please send an email to and we’ll respond shortly.

The auditers of 2015/16 are all ex. members of the board, namely:

Hampus Ihd:
Ex. Financial Manager and Project leader for KZINE in 14/15. For now studying the Law Programme in Uppsala. Have an expertice in interpreting the by-laws of the association as well as bookkeeping.

Molly Fröjdh:
Ex. secretary in board of 2015/16. For now studying italian and natural science in Italy. Have an expertice in documents.

Nils Jarlöv:
Ex. Chairman of 2015/16. For now working for Ung Media and studying music in Stockholm. Have an expertice in association management.