Articles by Arthur Markstedt

HI! Im the photographer/camera guy in KZINE. As a kid I always dreamed of becoming a film director, but as I got older and wiser I realized that I would be less likely to disappoint my parents as a scientist. After a lot of work and studying, I ended up here, studying natural science. Being a First year student, I can still say I somewhat enjoy math. Biology and chemistry are also fun, but is feel physics slowly creeping up behind me. Even though my plans for life are a little more realistic now, making movies is still a big hobby of mine. I film and edit a lot of short movies, and when there is a movie project in school I’m usually the guy who automatically gets pointed out to film it. I also like taking picture, especially with old lenses. I joined KZINE because this post basically incorporates all of my interest, and I wanted to see how it is to be a journalist. My favorite KG- Life hack? That would be the grillkrydda in the lunch room. It may not sound like much, but when Sodexo presents another one of its masterpiece recipes like “Leftover Salad Bullar” or “Fish flavored falukorv” this red spice can become a life saver. A little grillkrydda can make any Sodexo meal edible. Call me taste less, but at the end of the day I’m the one getting a full meal and not having to waste money in McDonalds.

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