Articles by Isabella Anderson

Before joining the student body of Kungsholmen, Isabella lived in Florida where she wrote for her school newspaper The Hoofbeat and had a very fancy press-pass which meant she could walk around school without a hall-pass. Not super useful. While she quite excels at quoting movies; the ones she quotes the most are probably The Room and every one-liner or five minute speech ever uttered by Frank Underwood in House of Cards. While "What type of movies/TV-shows do you like?" might not be the first thing she would say to you it would be the most important since she will love you forever if you watch Game of Thrones. The soundtrack of her life would probably be Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd or Aprilhimlen by the one and only Håkan Hellström. If she was on death row, her very last meal would be an all out Mexican fiesta topped with enchiladas and a margarita. Go big or go home.