Articles by Jana Paegle

Greetings! My name is Jana and I’m currently positioned as the English editor-in-chief at Kzine. To spice things up, I have a master’s degree in Swenglish. Thus, I’m a living proof of it being possible to write in English, despite Swedish being close to my heart. Furthermore, I currently speak four languages. (Ask me in the hallway about them, and I’m not even in hum). What is my special privilege in the Kzine board? Well, all of your English texts go through me, and I make sure to correct them and give you the best advice for you to improve as a writer. I can’t help but stress that everyone is welcome to write for Kzine. Because your opinions truly matter, and not only do they improve the school climate, but they are what makes Kzine thrive. Except for the fact that I breathe for journalism and writing, I simply love socializing and discussing. Whether it’s at a party or at the lunch queue in school. While most people are health-nuts, fika has been my salvation. It found me, and now I’m hooked. Now, if I were to be a dish/dessert, I would be a blueberry pie with custard. Because it’s a combination of very different ingredients, that somehow manage to work exquisitely together. As Fabienne in Pulp Fiction puts it, “Any time of the day is a good time for pie.”