Articles by Siri Lindblom

Hi there! My name is Siri Lindblom and I am, or rather, have been appointed the post of being the English editor in chief at KZINE this year. That means I am the one ought to proofread and publish articles or any texts written in English. I am very interested in language and therefore this post suits me well. Other to that I am in SA17EA, implying that I am in my second year of social science. I love reading and writing, not only books but plays, articles, blogs, diaries etc. Writings have always fascinated me. In my opinion, name dropping your favourite book is rather silly, as it changes from year to year and doesn’t really have to do anything with the content or writing. Likewise your favourite book doesn’t necessarily have to define you. However styles of writing might define a person more. Lately I have read Jonas Hassen Khemiri like a crazy person and I love his way of writing. Would reccomend anyone to read anything written by him. If I have a “KG lifehack”? Doesn’t everyone? My KG lifehack is to always start with given assignments in time. It’s that simple.