Terms of use

This is a legally binding agreement. You must be over 16 years old to accept this agreement. If you are younger than 16 you must have permission from your legal guardian. If you accept this agreement without permission from your legal guardian you will be held responsible for forgery of signature in accordance with Lag (1970:489) and fraud in accordance with Lag (1976:1139).


Chapter 1 – Definitions

§1 The association KZINE is below referred to as us, KZINE or “the association”. Opponents are referred to as you or users.


Chapter 2 – Description of Services

§1 The primary work of KZINE constitutes a web-based magazine. This agreement does not apply to printed versions of KZINE, where solely Swedish law applies.


Chapter 3 – The Undertaking of KZINE

§1 KZINE is responsible for the protection your personal information; it may not be forwarded to a third party on commercial grounds.

§2 KZINE is responsible for the security and stability of the site, as far as is practically possible. KZINE can however not be held responsible in cases where technical problems have caused problems for users.

§3 KZINE is responsible to set up an inquiry on request should a member, Board member, contributor or reader file a complaint. Such an inquiry will be held during a KZINE Board meeting. If a member of the Board has filed a complaint, he/she will not be entitled to vote in the case at hand.

§4 KZINE may use all material published through KZINE services for internal use only.


Chapter 4 – Published Content

§1 All articles, pictures, videos and other content on the website is copyrighted and may not be distributed or published externally without explicit permission of the Board of KZINE (please contact contact@kzine.se).


Chapter 5 – Comment Field

§1 When commenting on articles on the KZINE website, users must maintain a civil tone and abstain from personal attacks and insults.

§2 When commenting on articles on the KZINE website, users must participate in the discussion with factual arguments and avoid excessive repetition. Arguments and statements should be accounted for. KZINE encourages a constructive debating environment.

§3 When commenting on articles on the KZINE website, users must refrain from expressing a single argument in multiple comments; i.e. spamming.

§4 If a user breaches the rules expressed in articles §1-3 in chapter 5, the user in question will recieve a warning. If the user continues to break one or more of the rules, he/she will be permanently blocked from commenting on the KZINE website. Readmission will granted at the discretion of the Board of KZINE.


Chapter 6 – Revision or Renewal of Terms of Use

§1 This agreement is vaild for a period of 2 years. Thereafter the Terms of Use be accepted again by the users of KZINE. At every new approval, the period of validity is extended by 2 years.

§2 KZINE reserves the right to breach this agreement whenever we find it appropriate.

§3 If minor changes in Swedish law affect or invalidate parts of this agreement, KZINE will adjust the agreement accordingly. The agreement will only be cancelled if there are major changes in law: in that case users must approve the new agreement.